Shopping for Modest Swimwear

by Jasmine January 2023

Modest Swimsuits


I know the struggles of finding modest swimwear all too well. I’d think I found a nice one-piece swimsuit only to realize it was way too cheeky in the back for my liking. Shifting through tons of different swimsuits online or instore before I finally found one that covered up a bit more can be time-consuming. So as requested, here are some tips for shopping for and where to find modest swimwear, for your next trip to the beach!

When shopping for conservative swimwear it isn't just about a one-piece swimsuit. You have to avoid plunging necklines, cheeky butt coverage, or cut-outs. Honestly, it depends on what you feel most comfortable with.

Search for modest swimsuits with full coverage bottoms. Many bikini bottoms are created to show your bum so you have to be careful the back doesn’t go up too high. Additionally, you can wear swim shorts or cute little skirts. These are swim shorts from amazon that I got to wear over my swimsuits that are cheeky in the back.

You can also try takinins or rash guards. I like to get modest swim tops and shorts to mix and match the pairings. You don’t want to look frumpy so opt for lively colors and feminine styles.

Where to Shop for Modest Swimwear

Some brands may sell modest swimsuits but their selection is limited. I researched some brands that specialize in modest cute swimwear. Siena and Co. is my favorite!

Siena and Co.

Siena and Co.

Siena and Co. is a lovely small business that creates ethically made swimsuits in modest on-trend styles. The brand was born out of the founder's, Catherine, personal search for swimwear that is flattering and made of good quality under ethical working conditions. She wanted to create swimwear you can feel confident and comfortable in!

Lime Ricki

Lime Ricki

Lime Ricki’s stylish and fun collection is the type of swimwear I feel comfortable with. They sell full coverage bottoms, tankini tops, one-pieces, and swim shorts or skirts for mix-and-match.

Lime Ricki is a women-owned business and was created after the founders also had a frustrating swimsuit shopping experience. All the swimsuits are sewn in the USA, in a responsible factory in Los Angeles.



A modest swimwear company based in London. They offer complete coverage swimwear with such cute color and pattern combinations making the conservative silhouettes very chic! LYRA brand combines the elegance of classic Hollywood with Moroccan beach cool and minimalist design.

The swimsuits are made from lightweight, fast dry, premium quality Italian Carvico fabric with High UV protection. They are all priced under $105, and I think it’s worth it because you can get a stylish high-quality swim outfit to wear over and over again!


Lanuuk Swimwear

I fell in love with Lanuuk's Swimwear pieces! They have nice selection of modern and modest swimwear for a vacation or tropical getaway.

The company was founded on the basis to create full coverage swimwear that does not compromise on femininity, style, quality or comfort. Each product is made with love as Lanuuk constantly strives to attain the highest product quality alongside ethical and sustainable working practices. 


An online modest swimsuit company with a HUGE selection of swimwear. You can buy a custom set by picking a top and bottom of your choice. Modi makes versatile, easy to wear swimsuits. Their customer appraisal is phenomenal and their selection of modest swimsuit brands and styles has a look for everyone!

Eventually, I will film a video for Modest swimwear and beach essentials on my YouTube to show you all try on examples of the items. I hope your search for modest swimwear ends here and that you are able to find some great pieces with these tips! Enjoy your summer and swimming activity in modesty and comfort.